The Village at Beardslee Crossing


Since our groundbreaking in July of 2012, The Village’s goal has been to support the ever-increasing growth of Bothell and to promote the transformation this town is experiencing. Located at the historical gateway to Bothell, The Village at Beardslee Crossing symbolizes Bothell‘s history by integrating four key elements unique to Bothell into the fabric of The Village project: Education, Industry, Forestry and Environment. With respect to this multifaceted approach in the design of our project, we selected four prominent Bothell individuals to educate visitors on Bothell’s history. These historians include Andrew Beckstrom, George Brackett, William R. Ross, and Charles Beardslee. Each of the buildings on The Village’s campus is named for one of these prominent people. The creative intention behind this is to reveal the story about each man’s significance and contribution to Bothell’s history and to highlight the progression of Bothell’s industry from homesteading to logging and millwork to the current biomedical zone. A focus on the natural environment is also an integral part of this project. One of the Village’s more symbolic features binding the concepts of history and the environment together is the use of a large sequoia tree — planted during the late 1940’s and saved during construction — that will be repurposed into furniture, including park benches and tables and chairs for the restaurants. We hope to respect the city of Bothell as we grow and to provide the area with additional charm, more jobs, and continuous, convenient service. The Village has a strong commitment to its community. Commonly known as the gateway to Bothell, the location’s outreach includes the nearby campus district as well as the business park and downtown districts. Our goal is to reaffirm, reinforce, and build on our community. We want to tell a story and create a place people will want to call home, and therefore endeavor to lift up the city of Bothell — right along with us. We care about our surroundings and are committed to promoting everything Bothell has to offer. The Village welcomes our proximity to UW Bothell and supports the growth of education, and commitment of the faculty. The Village is also bordered by the North Creek Trail. This trail is a regional multi-purpose, shared-use path that links the communities of Bothell, Mill Creek, and Everett. The trail connects the Regional Sammamish River Trail and Burke–Gilman Trail in King County with the Snohomish County Regional Interurban Trail at McCollum Park (in Everett). Bicyclists, runners and casual walkers are all welcome. In addition, our Bothell, WA apartments for rent are situated close to the wetlands at UW Bothell/Cascadia Community College campuses, featuring a boardwalk and flat, gentle trails. The campus site was part of the historical floodplain of North Creek, which was once covered by marshes and forested wetlands. In 1910, large portions of the creek's channel were straightened and flanked by levees to create a log flume to transport logs down from the North Creek watershed to the Sammamish River, and on to sawmills on Lake Washington. Since the 1930s, extensive drainage systems were also constructed in an attempt to drain the land for grazing and farming. Restoration efforts have created new channels, marked by lush thickets of willows and alders, to allow the creek to reconnect with its floodplain. It is a beautiful walk through some of Northwestern Washington’s most breathtaking landscapes. All of this natural beauty is a mere step away from your front door here at The Village at Beardslee Crossing.

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